Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) 2.1.1 vs 2.1.2 Comparison – Features

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Sybase continues to add more and more functionality to its Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), Sybase Unwired Platform ( SUP), with every new ESD release. Below are some of the major differences that you can notice…

Comparison of Features SUP 2.1.1 vs. 2.1.2

SUP 2.1.1 ( ESD #1) SUP 2.1.2  (ESD #2)
No support for Zoom, Pinch, Pan in iOS Webcontainer application Zoom, Pinch, Pan features are available for Webcontainer application
No support for Graphical Analytics MAKit supports Graphical Analytics for Native iOS and HWC application
JCo 2.0 used in Unwired workspace JCo 3.0 used in Unwired Workspace
Android code should be generated using command line tool Android code generation is now possible using the code generation wizard

Ecplise 3.6 used in Unwired Workspace

Ecplise 3.7 used in Unwired Workspace

New Features added in SUP 2.1.2

  • New APIs introduced for Afaria support in Workflow application

  • New Storage APIs included to support application specific data between 2 HWC application

  • No need to map any Data Source for DCN cache group

Features removed from SUP 2.1.2

  • SUPMessageClient Interface used in MBS is removed. If you use the same in you iOS application, you need to rewrite the entire logic.

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