SAP Mobile Platform – What is a Client Hub mobile application ?

If you are having more than one business application in your phone and you have entered your credentials multiple times to set up your apps, means you are not aware of client hub application that comes with SAP Mobile Platform SDK.

Yes, Client Hub is a mobile application that comes with SAP Mobile Platform SDK  which share common credentials between the apps. Hence the user doesn’t need to enter same credentials multiple times in his device. He has to enter his credentials only once – when he enter the credentials it will be stored in the Client Hub (data-vault), and all other apps access these credentials for registration with SMP, ie. other applications will not prompt the user to enter credentials for login. This could improve the user experience.

Process flow diagram:

IGWREST_15 Mar. 30 01.14

Image source: SAP

How to use this App?

The source code of the Client Hub app can be found in the SMP 3 SDK installation path..SAP\MobileSDK3\ClientHub. The client hub app and all other business apps has to be singed with same certificate to make use of this feature.

Given below example is based on Android. Client hub app is available for iOS too. The app works only with MAF Logon component –  It supports both Odata and Kapsel apps.

Import the Client Hub project to Android SDK. Then Right click on the project > Export.

IGWREST_7 Mar. 29 11.13

Click Next until you reach Keystore selection screen. Choose “Create new keystore”, and provide keystore name and password. Click Next and enter the details as given below.

IGWREST_9 Mar. 29 11.16 IGWREST_9 Mar. 29 11.17

Click Next, then click on Finish. It creates Client Hub apk file and keystore.


In the business application create file inside res/raw folder and provide connection details as given below.


Inside Manifest.xml file include permission for clienthub access :  <uses-permission android:name=””/>

Finally, right click on the business application and choose Export. Instead of choosing “Create new keystore” choose “Use existing keystore” and browse the keystore created in the previous step. Repeat this step for all the business apps, and create the apk files.



Demo on how it works in a device with 2 business applications:



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