SAP Mobile Platform ( SMP ) 3.0 Goes GA – Key Features !


Big news for all SAP Customers ! SAP’s product strategy for mobile was not very clear to its customers in the last few years with the acquisitions like Sybase and Syclo. SAP has finally made its strategy clear to its customers with the General Availability(GA) of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 version. The product has been in ramp-up since late last year and there has been quite a bit of activity and buzz in the market around SMP 3.0. The latest version of SAP Mobile platform 3.0 is not a traditional upgrade to its older versions. SAP has completely redesigned the developed the mobile platform with various technologies that it acquired. Below is a quick summary of the product highlights.

Key Features of the SMP 3.0

  • It is simplified and unified mobile platform for all sorts of applications consumer and employee.
  • SMP is more open and it advocates something called as ‘Bring Your Own Tools ( BYOT)’, meaning that you can bring your own development tools for building your mobile application. Also, it uses OData protocol APIs.
  • Apache Cordova is embraced by SMP, they have thrown out the traditional proprietary Hybrid Web Container model. This is good for everyone as developers can use third party plugins based on Apache Cordova for hybrid applications.
  • All the Syclo based apps are modified to run on SMP 3.0 and they have some great features like GIS and 3D visualizations.
  • The terms of Syclo, SUP and other are gone…it is just called as SAP Mobile Platform 3.0.

The above are very high level details. We will give more technical features and info in upcoming articles. Also, for developers to get a sense of SMP, SAP is offering free trial. You can check out the SCN website for details on Free Trial of SMP 3.0.  We plan to write more articles on SMP 3. Stay tuned !

What are your thoughts on the release of SMP 3.0 ? Have you tried it ?


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