What is SAP Leonardo ? Product or Brand ? Confused ?

Isn’t is confusing when you call something with a name and all of sudden many other things are also called with same name…Many of us are in the same boat trying to figure out what is SAP Leonardo…The sole reason is that, previously SAP’s Internet of Things (IoT) Portfolio used to be called as SAP Leonardo, but  now it is much more than that. I was initially very confused by the same when it was launched at Sapphire. What is it ? Is it a piece of software that someone can by from SAP or is it something else ?  I will try to clarify such things in this article.

What is SAP Leonardo ?  Is it a Brand or a Product ?

If you talk to someone and read the stuff online, all it tells is that SAP Leonardo is a Digital Innovation System for innovation in enterprises with the Mode 2 and Mode 1 of the Gartner’s terms.  In the past many of us are used to hearing SAP Leonardo for their IoT offerings, now it is used for everything, that’s why it is confusing. It says digital innovation system for innovation- but, is it a single system – really ? No, it is not a single piece of software, it is a collection of technologies & services that can be used for innovation grouped under the umbrella of SAP Leonardo brand as shown in below image.

SAP Leonardo Technologies

If you look above, you can see that it includes Machine Learning, Blockchain,  Data intelligence, Big Data, Analytics, and Internet of Things.  The key thing to understand is that, it is a Brand name for all the listed SAP’s innovation technologies. Do not get confused with original brand, which was used only for IoT. Also, there used to be a brand name called SAP Clea for Machine Learning, it is also removed and replaced with Leonardo.  BTW, Leonardo is related to Leonardo Da Vinci and NOT Leonardo De Caprio 🙂

Now, the question is why would SAP confused people with a new name of Leonardo ?

The whole branding things is not very uncommon in the enterprise world…every corporate company has a brand name for their innovations. For instance, Einstein is used by Salesforce for machine learning and intelligent applications…also, Watson is used by IBM for their cognitive stuff, Similarly Cortana by Microsoft, etc.  So, all the companies want customers to remember about their innovative products with a brand name, hence this re-branding effort by SAP.

What do you think of SAP Leonardo ?  What has been your experience ?

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