SAP HANA’s impact on SUP’s Future ?

If you happen to visit Sapphire 2012 or watch the keynote presentations by SAP’s executives, you would have noticed one clear message…It is all about SAP HANA. They are betting big on SAP HANA. They have invited C-Level executives from big brands like McLaren,  Burburrey, ACE hardware, RedBox, etc to speak about their experience using HANA. The experiences shared by these C-Level execs about HANA is very positive….SAP even showcased their largest HANA based System built with 1 Tera Byte RAM..Absolutely mind boggling…  SAP’s next strong emphasis at Sapphire 2012 was about Enterprise Mobility and Cloud…

Why SAP’s Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) future looks very bright ?

Mobile business users on the field, who use enterprise mobile applications, rely on real time information from the backend systems to make real time decisions at the customer site or at POS terminal.  Typically, the real time information expected by business users on the field or at POS is complex to be processed and can take quite a bit of time. For instance, imagine a company that has about 40 million customers/ end users and plans to retrieve all the history of purchases tied to one customer over years and do real time analytics to give good recommendations…that would be a complex task from the backend perspective….But with SAP HANA, they can be done in few seconds…With lightning fast processing of backend data, it is very logical for companies to mobilize their business processes…

The real value of mobilizing a business process comes into play, when it can help business users make real time decisions and drive up customer engagement, loyalty and revenue by cross-sell and upsell…With speed of HANA, the data for business decisions is at hand in seconds…As Sybase Unwired Platform is the MEAP supported by SAP ( not sure about Syclo yet), its future looks good….SAP is now trying to sell HANA, they will cross-sell SUP along with SAP HANA convincing the customer to create end to end value chain for customer from backbone systems to end consumer…

What do you think of SAP HANA and SUP ?

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  1. nice information your providing nice blog .In my opinion sap hana and sap sup are the relivent sup is extended from sap hana


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