Relay Server (RSOE) configuration for Afaria Enrollment Server

The Relay Server is another product from Sybase which helps Afaria to establish secure communication with the external world. Relay Server sits in the DMZ and uses ports 80 & 443 (outbound) to communicate with external world. The Afaria Server will have an additional component called Relay Server Outbound Enabler (RSOE) which will be used to communicate with Relay Server.

If the Relay Server configurations are done using Admin console, the RSOE will be running as part of the Afaria Server, which will allow only Afaria Server to use the Relay Server.  If Enrollment Server needs to use Relay Server then you need to configure an additional RSOE component in your Enrollment Server. In this article, I will explain how to configure the RSOE manually, so that the IIS (Enrollment Server) can communicate with the external world via Relay Server.

      • The RSOE executable can be found in Afaria Installation Bundle (Afaria Setup Folder -> relay server -> 32 bit/64 bit -> RSOutboundEnabler folder). Copy the folder into your Enrollment Server. I copied it to “C:\RSOutboundEnabler” folder
      • Create a configuration file (rsoeiis.config) in the RSOutound Enabler folder (C:\RSOutboundEnabler) and add the following configuration information in the rsoeiis.config file.
-id  <Unique Identifier>
-f   <Relay Server IIS Farm ID>
-t   <Relay Server Token>
-cs  "host=<Enrollment Server Host>;port=<IIS Port No>;"
-cr  "host=<Relay Server Host>;port=80;   url_suffix=/ias_relay_server/server/rs_server.dll;url_prefix=/ias_relay_server/client/rs_client.dll"
-v   1
-o   "<Log File Path>"

Download Sample RSOE File ( remove .txt extension for the downloaded file)

Legend / Information on above parameters :

Unique Identifier – Unique ID for RSOE

Log File Path – RSOE Log file name along with path. You need to create a sample file for RSOE Log.

NOTE: RSOE cannot create the log file automatically. A sample log file should exist in that location otherwise the RSOE will not start. You need to create that sample file and place it in the folder.

        • Run the following command in the command prompt (run as administrator).
dbsvc.exe -o "<RSOE service log path>" -as -i -s auto -sn "Afaria IIS RSOE" -w rsoeiis "< RSOutboundEnabler  Folder>\rsoe.exe" "@<RSOutboundEnabler Folder>\rsoeiis.config"
        • Now you should be able to see “Afaria IIS RSOE” in the Services window.
        • Start the Afaria IIS RSOE service.
        • Now your device can access Enrollment Server via Relay Server

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