My Journey – Enterprise Mobility – Sybase Unwired Platform(SUP)

Almost 3 years ago, CTO of my first company gave me a DVD and asked me to explore a new Mobile Middleware Platform named SUP 1.0. This is how I got into Sybase Unwired Platform. Even though I was a Windows Mobile Developer and know the basics of Mobility, I had a lot of struggle in installing & configuring SUP. I still remember those days when SUP allowed MBO modelling from Visual Studio(VS) 2008 and the struggle thaMy Journey in Enterprise Mobilityt I had to put to bring the VS plugin up and running. It took about a weeks time to figure out the issue and it was with Java path settings.

I followed the traditional way of learning SUP by reading Sybase’s infocenter help, which was the only material available for SUP at that time. I created one Windows Mobile Application by connecting to the SQLAnywhere Database using out of the box test data base called ‘sampleDB’  in less than an hour. I was very much excited to see the records from sampleDB database on device without much of an effort and realized the power of a Mobile Middleware Platform.

Since then, I have been working with Sybase Unwired Platform, which is now one of the leading Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAPs) available in the market.

Our vision behind the blog is to create an ecosystem to share and collaborate on Enterprise Mobility. We will share our experience on Enterprise Mobility and look forward to learn from you as well. Check out the about page.

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2 thoughts on “My Journey – Enterprise Mobility – Sybase Unwired Platform(SUP)”

  1. Hi,
    Great Blog..! Really Loved a lot and keep your postings into the blog.
    Currently i am working as a sup consultant in SAP Labs. Basically i am .net developer,so i have small interest to integrate sup and windows mobile but unfortunately i am unable to connect to scc from my code.
    If you have sample code for 2.1.3 or above could you please share with me.
    Previously I tried what was the code available in info center but no use.



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