Introduction to SAP Syclo

SAP continues to strengthen its Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) by adding new platforms to provide various options for building Mobile applications and help customers control their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Few months back, SAP acquired Syclo which was the second leading MEAP platform (next to Sybase Unwired Platform).

Syclo Agentry is the MEAP platform which allows users to build Mobile applications for various device platforms from the Agentry Editor (Eclipse Plugin provided by Syclo). Syclo platform was built to support various EIS servers as backend system and supports multiple device platforms.

Syclo also has few SMART Mobile solutions for various field activities like Sales Manager, Service Manager, Work Order Manager, Inventory Manager, etc. These solutions are implemented at more that 600 customer locations in past few years. SMART solutions are robust and integrates well with Major EIS systems like SAP, IBM Maximo, etc.

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  1. I’m on a fact finding mission to find Middleware to work with a POS and Inventory scanner, can Syclo do that? Open to recommendations/suggestions.


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