How to update license in Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) – Any version ?

Update SUP license on existing installation

In this article, we will explain how to update license in an existing Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) installation. The steps are version independent. It is same for version SUP 1.5, 2.0 or 2.1 or higher…

Steps to update license in existing SUP Installation :

  • Stop the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) Server : Double click the Stop Unwired Platform shortcut on Desktop
  • Copy the generated license (*.lic) file into the licenses directory of Sybase Unwired Platform (as shown in the Figure 1). It is typically under C:\Sybase\UnwiredPlatform\Servers\UnwiredServer SUP Folder Selection
  • Open the Command Prompt : Go to Start -> Run -> type cmd and click Ok.
  • Navigate to the bin directory of Sybase Unwired Platform  and run the command license.bat (as shown in the Figure 2).
    • Command syntax :
      license.bat  < Product Edition>  <License Type>  <License Number>,
      e.g : license.bat ED DT 20
      ED  – Enterprise Developer, DT – Development Test , 20 = number of licenses
      bin directory is typically under  C:\Sybase\UnwiredPlatform\Servers\UnwiredServer \bin
  • SUP License Update Command
    Figure 2 - SUP License Update Command
  • Based on the type of license you have purchased, you have to use the right combination of letters when you run the command. Below are the details on How to check and use the command
    • The License Type Keyword (ED DT) Highlighted (in Figure 2) is for the Sybase Unwired Platform Enterprise Developer Edition. The same information will be available in your license (*.lic) File (as in Figure 3) You need to validate your license type by checking the in the license file as shown in below Figure 3
    • SUP LicenseTypes
      Figure 3 : SUP LicenseTypes
  • Once the license is updated, start the Sybase Unwired Server  by double clicking the Start  Unwired Platform shortcut on your Desktop
Steps to verify the SUP License after Update
  • Login to the Sybase control Center : Double Click the Sybase Control center(SCC) shortcut in Desktop
  • Login to SCC using appropriate credentials
  • Select [email protected] (running) in the left hand side and click on Licensing… button in the General Tab
  • You should be able to see the empty or extended expiry date (as shown in Figure 4) according to your license.

    SUP License information - Sybase Control Center
    Figure 4 - SUP License information – Sybase Control Center


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10 thoughts on “How to update license in Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) – Any version ?”

  1. Very Nice Tutorial,These are exact Steps to update the SUP license after downloading the license file(*.lic)


  2. Hi,

    Very useful post.
    Your tutorial has helped me a lot.
    I just want to add a point on it. If SUP is installed as a evaluation version, the “licenses” folder will not be available in the path “C:SybaseUnwiredPlatformServersUnwiredServer “.
    Hence you have to created the folder “licenses” manually and paste you license file in it. Then you can follow the tutorial for updating the license.

    Nice work..!!
    Thanks again
    Mahendra varman

  3. I’m having a problem with my licence and checking your post I see that on my licence file I don’t have the MC. I’m need a licence EE ST 100 but even if I execute the command I don’t see that value on the licence and the server doesn’t recognize the licence. Any ideas?

    • Hi Lucia,
      The license you generated is only for base server. You need to generate Base Client License. Please check License portal. If you still need the steps to generate license, we will help you by posting an article on this.

      Narayanan L

  4. This is nice but it is for development server and i want to know about SUP Production server because MC value is not in license file.

    • Hi Vivkek,
      For Enterprise Edition, you need to generate Base server & Base client license. Base Client license will have the MC value.

      • Hi Narayanan,
        In this case if I run licence.bat EE ST XX the server says that will expire in a month.
        If EE CP XX no license for clients.
        It doesn’t seems to work like this in a served license environment.
        Is there anything else to do when are to licenses type?


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