How to connect SUP with Sybase Hosted Relay Server (SHRS)

The Relay Server is another product from Sybase, which helps the other Sybase products like Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP), Afaria, Mobilink, etc. to establish secure communication with the external world. Relay Server sits in the DMZ and uses ports 80 & 443 (outbound) to communicate with external world. The SUP Server will have an additional component called Relay Server Outbound Enabler (RSOE), which will be used to communicate with Relay Server.

Relay Server Configuration in SHRS Portal

  • First, you need to register an account in the Sybase Hosted Relay Server website.
  • Once you successfully registered, login to the portal with your credentials.
  • Once you logged in into the portal, you will see the screen as shown in Figure 1. Select “Add New Sybase Unwired Platform Farm”

  • In the next screen, you will be asked to enter the Farm name, Server 1 Name & Server 2 Name (optional). Also select First 2 check boxes and click on Create Farm.
  • You can use one Farm to connect to 2 SUP Server. The Farm name can be any name without special character or space, the Server 1 Name and Server 2 Name is your SUP server name. The value of property in the files will help you to find out your SUP server name.

<sup folder>\Servers\UnwiredServer\Repository\Instance\com\sybase\sup\server\SUPServer\

  • After successful creation of Farm, the following screen will be displayed.

  • Click on the “Configuration Instruction” link to get the details for configuring the SUP Server

Relay Server configuration in SUP SCC

  • Start the Sybase Control Center and login in.
  • Select the Top node of the tree structure in the menu (left hand side), select the Relay Server Tab and Click on New button.


  • Enter the relay Server details as mentioned in the SHRS portal Configuration Screen


  • Configure the Farms by Providing the Farm ID, Type and Description and click on “+” button. The Farm ID can be obtained from the SHRS portal configuration page.
  • After Configuring the Farm Details, Select the Farm and specify the node & Token. The Node is the Server Name & Token can be obtained from SHRS portal configuration page.
  • Once MBS & RBS Farms are configured as mentioned below click finish.

RSOE configuration in SUP SCC

  • Select the Server Configuration of Your SUP Server, select Outbound Enabler Tab and click new.


  • Select Farm type as Replication and the other details will get automatically populated. Click next till the final screen of wizard and click on finish.
  • Follow the above 2 steps to create a RSOE for Messaging Farm by selecting the Farm Type as Messaging.


  • You should see 2 RSOE created in the Outbound Enabler Tab of Server Configuration Screen as mentioned below


  • Select both the RSOE entry and click on start. You should see the status changed from Start to Running.

Relay Server configuration in Device Programming

  • Now you can access your SUP application from the device via GPRS using Relay Server. The following are the changes that need to be done in your device application.
  • Server name in Connection Profile & Synchronization Profile should be your
  • Both MBS & RBS Port Number should be 80
  • Protocol should be HTTP
  •  Farm ID for MBS & RBS should be taken from SHRS portal Configuration Screen

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, how would this scenario work if you were going with a internally hosted solution and deplying the relay server in a dmz scenario?


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