Error: An undefined alias ‘x’ was used in sql while deploying MBO in SUP

Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) is the leading MEAP in the market. But when it comes to troubleshooting Sybase is in back seat.

Recently I was involved in designing an SUP application, which is fairly complex with 10-15 MBO’s. When we completed our modeling and deployed the application, the deployment failed with the following error.

We tried troubleshooting it by looking for the information at various places like Error Dialog, Error Log view but ended up with no clue what was the cause for this issue and how to resolve it. When we checked the Domain log in the Sybase Control Center (SCC), we found the following error. This was very helpful was us to solve the issue.

“2012-08-31 21:20:33.963  Subsystem=Error  Application ID=, Application Connection ID=, User=, Correlation ID=, Package=, MBO=, Operation=, Thread ID=223, Node ID=SUPDEMOSERVER, Error=An undefined alias ‘x’ was used in sql .”

We started analyzing where the aliases are getting set for the MBO and found that it happens in 2 places

  • Customized Download Data Query in the Synchronization tab
  • Query getting generated in the Object Query

We revisited all the Sync parameters and Object Queries in all MBO’s and identified the issue with one MBO where the name of the MBO was changed after defining the Sync parameter and Object Query. The MBO name in the generated query in these areas was referring to the earlier name of the MBO. We regenerated the queries and deployed the application then the application started working.

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  1. Hi,

    In my opinion, such behavior and complexity is normal because SUP is based on complex requirements and providing automation for NOT a fresh developer but for experienced technical people. Such troubleshooting seems complex in the beginning but as you spend more time with tool you become more comfortable and will appreciate the debugging help provided by tool.



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