How to install Atom on Mac ?

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Believe it or not, you will need a good editor on Mac for Python. One of the ways to install Atom is listed below. Step 1 : You need to install Home Brew. If you do not have it installed, you can follow guide at How to setup Mac for Python Step 2 : Once you have it installed, you …

Steps to Setup Kaggle CLI – Download, Extract Data

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Below is an overview of how to install kaggle-cli and extract data for planet competition located at as an example. You can apply the same for any other competition. Step by Step Guide to setup Kaggle CLI and download Data  Install Kaggle CLI (if done, Go to Step 2) pip install –U kaggle-cli Configure your kaggle account kg config –u …

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Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes: Superheroes come together to save the world

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In the world of cloud computing, organizations usually face their ultimate challenge of choosing the right cloud platform to build their cloud empire. While choosing the best, we often end up with a decisive question “Kubernetes vs Cloud Foundry”. Multiple efforts and loads of time has been spent to explain the difference between the two and honestly, I think this …