Afaria Components List – Description – Installation order

When I started installing Afaria for the first time, I got confused about the order to install various components and did not know what each component would do. Below article is aimed to helpĀ beginnersĀ to understand about various Afaria components and their description.

Afaria Installation medium contains a bunch of components which needs to be installed to have a fully functional Mobile Device Management Solution. Below is the order of installation indicated with numbers with brief description of each component.

1. Afaria Server
The Afaria Server is the core Mobile Device Management component which performs the device management tasks. Afaria Server can be installed as a standalone Server or as a Server Farm. Afaria Server doesn’t contain any User Interface.

2. Afaria API Server
Afaria API server exposes the Administration API which is used by Afaria Admin UI and it allows user to create custom Admin UI

3. Afaria Admin UI
The Admin UI is a HTML5 based web interface to that allows user to perform configuration on the Afaria Server and to manage Afaria devices. The new UI is designed to support different browsers like IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

4. Enrollment server
The Enrollment Server takes care of device onboarding by delivering the respective Enrollment policies. This component is used for delivery management payloads ( policies configuration for iOS devices )

5. Portal Package Server
Portal Package server is used to manage and deliver Enterprise applications through Application policies.

6. End User Self Service Portal
EUSSP is a Web portal for Afaria device users. It allows user to view the devices, enroll device and perform few administration like password reset, etc.

7. Email Server
Email Server is a Powershell Service for access control which will be polling the Afaria Server for access rules/policies and deliver the details to the email proxies.

7 thoughts on “Afaria Components List – Description – Installation order”

  1. am haveing an standlone afaria server with only ota and provisioning installed and my android enrollment and channel settings all working fine but there is an issue with running an heartbeat its not working could u pls guide me in this

  2. Hi Sairam,
    To help you better, Can you please provide us the following details.
    What is the version of Afaria you are using?
    What are the hot fixes & service packs installed in the Server?
    What is the Android OS version?
    What is the usecase for trying heartbeat?

  3. Hi,

    I have installed afaria 7 on the below components

    Afaria server
    afaria Admin and API

    I like to use android device OTA or Wifi. can u please guide me in this

  4. HI,

    I have installed the afaria 7.0 server in the given order. I am able to enroll my device(Android 2.3) in the afaria server,

    But here i am applying application policy to device,
    the given apps are not displaying in the device under apps tab.

    Please let me know, Is there any other configurations required to perform this task.

    • Hi Raju,

      I’m trying to enroll android but failed. is that possible you can give some sample screen shot for how you configure the android enrollment policy, GCM server configuration and Enrollment code server configuration?

  5. Hi,

    May I know whether there is any chance to have a step by step guide for enrollment android or windows mobile device on the Afaria server?


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